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About Us

Meet Muddy

Mike “Muddy” Schlegel, who most people know simply as MUDDY, is a graphic facilitator based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He is on a mission to help others unlock awesome through visual thinking.

He partners with leaders and teams around the world to bring their ideas to life by capturing key ideas and conversations in visual way. It's kind of like a whiteboard video, but it's happening LIVE in the room.

The real-time visual storyboards supercharge engagement and impact in the room, while at the same time, they also provide a valuable visual summary after the event. Since 80% of people are visual learners, it resonates with most people and participants instantly engage with the hand-crafted graphics because it's how their minds naturally work.

Clients are always amazed to see the conversation take shape on the storyboard right before their eyes in real time. The graphic facilitation supports and enhances the discussion, and participants understand and retain the information much better, because it activates multiple learning pathways.

Before working as a full time professional visual facilitator, Muddy had a distinguished, 20-year professional career in water resources, specialized in facilitating collaboration, fostering innovation and helping diverse stakeholders find agreement to complex regional issues.

In 2016, Muddy founded the Whiteboard Academy to use his facilitation and graphic recording skills to serve a broader set of clients and topics, and now works with leaders and teams all over the world with his unique blend of engaging facilitation, rapid synthesis, real-time visualization and leadership innovation.

In addition to facilitation and graphic recording, Muddy brings a wealth of technology skills and expertise to the project he works on to enhance and engage collaboration. Muddy’s approach is to apply the best interactive technology tools that will assist and enhance collaboration without the technology getting in the way.

Muddy has worked with clients in local, state and federal government; non-profit organizations across the US; and leading companies in the US and global health care, biotechnology, financial and real-estate sectors. A notable event was the 2017 National Convention of NAHREP - The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, where Muddy created visual summary storyboards including a session with NAHREP CEO Gary Acosta and President George W. Bush. The protocol for the session from the Secret Service was no phones, no videos and no note taking… except for Muddy. He was literally the only person in a room of 3,000 people authorized to capture the conversation, and he was right next to the stage creating a live visual summary on a large foam core board.

And now, he's ready to teach you how to master YOUR VISUAL SUPERPOWERS!

Mike "Muddy" Schlegel
Whiteboard Academy
m: 919-295-0017
e: [email protected]