Working with Whiteboard Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can my company work with the Whiteboard Academy? 
    Our mission is to help you unlock awesome through visual thinking, and you can hire us or we can train you.  You can hire us for your next event or project.  We provide live illustration to capture the ideas at your next meeting or event, whiteboard animation to bring your ideas to life, and graphic facilitation that will increase engagement, supercharge collaboration, and deliver solutions you can see.  Or if you're ready to create a culture of innovation throughout your organization, you we can train you and your team in our world-class Visual Innovation Training. 
  2. What is it like to work with Whiteboard Academy?
    When Whiteboard Academy is engaged for your event, our Graphic Facilitators are in the room to listen for key ideas, metaphors and understanding, which we capture in live illustrations in a combination of words and simple graphics and icons.  The illustrations or "visual summaries" help give meaning to the ideas and tell the story. The visual summaries can be displayed around the space in sequence for participants to engage and enjoy.  

  3. What do participants think about Live Illustration?
    Whiteboard Academy is a dynamic addition to any event. It allows people so see their own words and ideas come to life!  Your audience will be more engaged, understand more clearly, and remember the content better. 

  4. What is a Graphic Facilitator?
    As a Graphic Facilitator, our primary job is to listen to the content being shared by the participants and capture a visual summary of the stories and ideas being shared. This method maximizes team learning and helps groups reach consensus, resolve disputes and create effective strategies through visual learning.

    As a Graphic Facilitator our primary job is listening and capturing the dialogue and is also pausing and reflecting on the content and presenting the group with new ideas and models. Their role is much more active and engaging to keep the group on track to meet the events desired outcomes.

  6. What type of work surface does Whiteboard Academy require?
    During your Discovery and Pre-Event Call we will determine the surface that works best for your event. For small venues we suggest foam core.
    For larger events we use rolls of paper mounted on large 4' x 8' boards. 

  7. Has Whiteboard Academy ever support an event virtually?
    Yes, we absolutely love to bring your ideas to life in person and online. We can be a part of your event as long as we can hear the conversation. So you can connect with us with Zoom, Skype or even FB LIVE.

  8. What do I do with the Whiteboard Academy final artwork?
    At your event, Whiteboard Academy will be producing several pieces of original artwork (i.e templates, welcome walls, illustrations and history or journey maps). This artwork is valuable at events, it is also important that is shared both during and after the event. We encourage you to share them on social media to increase your online engagement for your event. Or have us come in a draw a version on the wall at your office.

  9. What does Whiteboard Academy provide in terms of tools and technology?
    All Whiteboard Academy team members will bring all of their own markers; pastels, tape, and other assorted art materials - as well as a laptop, lights and digital camera for cleaning their artwork. In fact, we bring so much stuff, if you forgot something, just ask us. We probably have it.

  10. How much set time up does Whiteboard Academy need?
    Our team requires a minimum of one hour to prepare the workspace. When possible, we will set up the night or morning before the event.

  11. Where is the best place to set up Whiteboard Academy in the room?
    Ideally, we are set up on one side of the room. It is best if there is nothing to block the view of the artwork from the participants. Our team members may require a small table or stool to sit on based on your event design.