How to Connect your iPad as a Webcam using an HDMI Capture Device

How to Connect your iPad as a Webcam using an HDMI Capture Device

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2020

Want to show your iPad screen in an online meeting without using screen share and hijacking the whole view?

In this video, Muddy shows you how to connect your iPad as a webcam using an HDMI capture device.

This lets you choose your iPad as your video source (i.e., webcam) in an online meeting like Zoom.

This is the most stable, highest quality way to show your iPad screen as your webcam.

Links provided below the Visual Connection Guide:

- HDMI to USB 3.0 Capture Card (
- Simple HDMI Capture Device (
- Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter (
 * UPDATE: Link above changed to official Apple adapter after further testing
- AmazonBasics HDMI Cables 2 Pack (3 feet & 15 feet) (
- USB to USB-C Adapter 3 Pack (

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