Whiteboard Wednesday

3 Must Have Flipcharts for Every Meeting

May 09, 2018

WELCOME to Whiteboard Wednesday. We are so glad you're here!

We want to help you UNLOCK AWESOME at WORK, and today we're sharing some essential flipcharts that can make any meeting more successful.

We have all been there. You are put in charge of creating a GREAT event. Your directive is to make sure that you get through a long list of items, stay on topic, gather lots of feedback and above all...MAKE IT FUN!

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with teams large and small as they design their business strategies and develop winning ideas. Sometimes, we have the luxury of co-facilitating, but more often than not, we are facilitating on our own. Along the way, we have designed a method to use the things in every boardroom to help us run successful meetings that are both fun AND productive.

We can tell you from experience, these tools really work. And I bet you already have them on hand. Just a simple flipchart and a few markers. Yup, you heard that right, just a...

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Power of the Pen - Leading from the Whiteboard

Apr 11, 2018

Hello! Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. We are so glad you're here.

At the Whiteboard Academy, we’re on a mission to help others unlock awesome through visual thinking. We’re helping transform business culture and changing the way that companies innovate to bring ideas to life. Our online workshops and corporate trainings are showing facilitators, teams and leaders how to harness the POWER of the PEN!

For over twenty years, we have worked with companies large and small as innovation strategists. We have seen company cultures elevated, leaders promoted and literally millions of dollars saved by using the power of the pen to capture & refine ideas at the whiteboard.

Gone are the days when leaders will succeed by standing at the back of the room with arms crossed while their teams present ideas, and they secretly hold the veto card in their back pocket. 

Today’s rising leaders are at the front of the room, leading the conversation from the whiteboard.


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Top 50 Business Icons

Mar 14, 2018

Hello! Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. We are so glad you are here. 

At the Whiteboard Academy, we're on a mission to help others unlock awesome through visual thinking! As Innovation Strategists, we partner with top organizations and leaders around the world to BRING IDEAS TO LIFE. 

We absolutely love working with teams and individuals like you to rethink better business processes, develop winning strategies and create new products, tools and apps to solve your clients' most pressing problems. We specialize in finding and bringing out the awesome in you and your team by harnessing the amazing super powers of visual thinking!

Are you ready to learn about the
Power of Visual Thinking?

Today we are launching a new feature called "Whiteboard Wednesdays." Each month, we will be bringing you bite-sized lessons that you can use to BE AWESOME @ WORK!

Today, we're going to show you how to begin to bring ideas to life by using simple icons. You can use this approach to capture...

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